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An Unparalleled Client Experience

Facts About College Crimes

College students are known for working hard, studying hard, and sometimes, partying hard. Occasionally, students with otherwise bright futures find themselves charged with crimes relating to alcohol or controlled substances, computer crimes such as "sexting" or Internet violations, and even sex offenses such as "date rape" allegations. While some of these offenses may seem "trivial" in nature, they often leave young people with lasting misdemeanor convictions that can affect them the rest of their lives. The job market is tough enough without having to reveal a criminal conviction.

And, worse yet, some of these offenses are extraordinarily serious, and may result in a felony conviction, jail or prison time, and possible expulsion or suspension from the university.

If you are a college student who has been arrested and/or are facing criminal charges, I can provide your best defense and I will diligently defend your rights, reputation, interests and future.

My office is located in Wayne County. I proudly serve students from Michigan State University, Lansing Community College, University of Michigan, Schoolcraft College, Eastern Michigan University and many other local schools. If you get a ticket or are arrested at a football game, I can help. If you have received a court notice or notification of a criminal charge, I can help. If you find yourself facing a serious felony or "small" misdemeanor, I can help. If you receive notice of a disciplinary action at your school, I can help.

I also recognize that college students often are on limited budgets. While some schools offer low-cost or free legal support to students, college students can and often do retain their own attorneys—especially when charged with misdemeanor or felony offenses that can affect their futures. I often offer reduced rates to college students, accept most credit card payments, and typically consider payment/installment plans for representation.