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An Unparalleled Client Experience

Facts About Drug Crimes

Drug charges—possession, use, sales or cultivation of narcotics— may result in jail or prison sentences. There are mandatory sentences for some narcotics offenses, and use of drugs is one of the most common violations of probation. Unfortunately, our criminal justice system often focuses on punishment rather than treatment, so if you are charged with a narcotics offense, you may face swift and overzealous prosecution.

Drug enforcement officers may raid your home or office. These same officers may seek to forfeit your property, money, computer, car, or even your house. You may even face driver’s license sanctions for allegedly possessing narcotics, even if you were not driving! If you have been charged with a narcotics offense, I have the background to skillfully and aggressively handle your case.

There are many defenses I can employ for people charged with narcotics offenses. There are challenges that can be made to the search and seizure of you and your property. If the prosecutor has the evidence to convict, there are first-offender programs that can ultimately result in a dismissal of your case. There are treatment centers and professionals with whom I have a professional referral network for those who need help. In short, when faced with a drug charge, I stand ready to help preserve your driving status and protect your property, your reputation and your freedom.