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An Unparalleled Client Experience

Facts About MIPs

If you are facing MIP (minor in possession) charges for underage drinking, it's best to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney. I will work diligently to help you and your family put this legal crisis to rest.

Whether the charges originated at a university frat party, on-campus, during pre-game tailgating or pursuant to a traffic stop, I will make sure that your rights (the right to remain silent, to refuse a preliminary breath test, and to request a diversion program that is available by statute) are protected. I can handle your case to spare you the needless travel, expense, and worry if you are located outside of Michigan.

MIP is a misdemeanor charge, not a civil infraction. I don't want your record marred by a misdemeanor conviction any more than you do. That is why I inspect police procedures during the arrest for any sign of illegal search and seizure or coercive interrogations, and why I explain all options to you so that you can make an intelligent, informed and educated decision on how to proceed.

Do not plead guilty to your minor in possession charge without consulting with me first. Contact my office immediately.